Ramadan with my 3-year-old… with a Ramadan box!

Gilded Dunya


Last year I introduced Ramadan to Yusra through some simple activities. She doesn’t remember them, but we do. We remember, how eagerly she would wake up and take a deed out of a jar for her baba and wait for him to read it.

I decided then, that as parents we can’t teach our very young children the importance of Ramadan but we can do little things with them that create memories, help them pick up bits that we don’t usually do and inshaAllah in doing all this, we as parents are more conscious of the special month. The reason I say this, is because, as a parent I have learnt that when we want our children to know something, we put more effort into it ourselves. Something Dr. Shefali Tsabary talks about in her book Conscious Parenting.

Yusra is 3 years and a few months old. She talks a…

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