Upcycle Sunflower Purse Tutorial

LaCartera Designs

100_3627The Sunflower Purse Tutorial issimple to make with tworoundplacemats. Thehandmade beaded handlesadd extra interest to textured placemats.

100_3580Materials Needed Purse:

  • Two thin standard round indoor/outdoor placemats (14 inch length x 15 inch width)
  • Thread should match placemats
  • Lining fabric (your choice)
  • Magnetic Closure

Materials Needed Handels:

  • 18 large wooden beads
  • 16 medium beads
  • 24 small beads
  • Multipurpose wire 16 gauge (3 1/2 ft.)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • wire cutters

Step 1:

Using the placemat as a template, cut out two lining pieces.


Step 2:

Fold the placemats4 inches from the top. Apply pressure tocreate a crease on the fold.Although, I love to iron my folds, I didn’t attemptto iron the polyester synthetic material. I was afraid that It would melt. 100_3583

Step 3:

Remove one inch from the top of the fold to create the handle tabs from each placemat. I used a marker to highlight my measurements to make an easy…

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