Fraction of a Number Domino Sets

ofamily learning together

I recently made my kids some new Fraction dominoes this time so they could practice calculating a fraction of a number (e.g. 2/5 of 150 – so the kids divide by the denominator (150 ÷ 5) and then multiple the answer by the numerator (30 x 2)).

I made three different sets. To begin with there is a really easy set which is how my son started practicing this.  This set is mainly halves, quarters, thirds with a few one-fifths and one-tenths added.

Then the second set is a bit harder – the fractions get a bit more interesting and it would be good if the kids already knew their times tables.

And finally the third set where the idea is the kids should first simplify the fractions before they work out what the fraction of the number is. (e.g.  9/12 of 40 – first simplify the 9/12 to 3/4…

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