Multiple Representation Dice

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I love Maths manipulatives.  My kids tend to understand their Maths better if they can hold objects in their hands and move items around.  And I have found with my son he will sit for longer and do more Maths if it is activity based instead of a worksheet.  So when I was told about the Multiple Representation Dice from Learning Resources I was very curious as to how they would work.

The set consists of 16 foam dice and it covers numbers from zero to twenty.  For each number there are four representations – the number itself, small blocks, tally marks and circles set out in a grid (10 – frame).

Immediate first impression – my son liked the feeling of the foam dice and the size was perfect for his hands (5cm x 5cm x 5cm).

Multiple Representation Dice by Learning Resources. Foam dice that visually represent numbers to 20

He immediately started sorting the dice and matching the different views for…

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