Peacock Times Table

ofamily learning together

It’s no secret I like using colouring pages for learning activities ( the flower number bonds and doubling and halving butterflies were made using colouring pages), they just seem to add a bit of fun to something that can sometimes be a bit boring.  A little while ago I noticed that the peacock colouring page from Activity Village had 12 feathers (excluding the center one which is obstructed by the peacock’s head).  And when I find something with 12 items/ objects on it I always start wondering if it can be used with times table/ division.

As my son has been learning his 5 times table I printed out 2 copies and thought we could use them but we were beaten to the activity by my daughter.

Creating a 9 times table Peacock using a colouring in page from Activity Village

She thought it would be best if she tested out a page first (ie I think she was wondering why she did not…

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