Geometric Masjids

Umm Abdul Basir's



Finally, I am off to posting things we have been working on. Please don’t mind some of our images as some of the stuff we make is well played with,masha Allah.

I found this wonderful Geometric Masjid shapes activity book on SCRIBD. I thought how neat to let my 2 yr old start working on it. I had these geometric shapes for awhile and had been doing little activities with my son which he has done well on, masha Allah.

May Allah Reward the sister for making this book for us all to benefit from, Ameen. I only took the color out of my printed ones to make it more printer/ink friendly and had some colored in by the kids and left some black and white.

When I found these I was so excited, since I always try to find ways to islamicize our lessons.

our shapes…

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