Multiplication and Division Flower Learning Aids

ofamily learning together

Last year when my daughter was first learning her 3 times table we made this very simple 3 times table flower.  She loved the idea and she has since made a number of them.

multiple flower tracing over to make a flap

Flower times table with flaps

So it was not a big surprise when last week after a fun car drive trying to count in 11’s she made an 11 times table flower.

11 times table learning aid made with the flowers from Twinkl

While she was colouring in her flower I suddenly realised that it would be prefect for division as well as times table but with just a little tweak.  So we experimented first with a 2 times table flower and divided by 2 flower (we never made a 2 times table flower with our first round of flowers so she thought it would be fun to do one to add to her collection) and then a 5 times and divided by 5 flower.

We used the Multiple flowers from Twinkl…

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