Pink Jayne Cobb Hat

Learning to be Frugal


This is a very warm and fun earflap hat modeled after the one the lovely Jayne Cobb character wore in the TV show, Firefly.  I used Dusty Pink, Antique Rose, and Beige of Vanna’s Choice yarn.

To make the hat thick enough, I used a double strand of yarn.  The long braids are perfect for tying under your chin.  To make them, after casting-off, I switched to a J/10 crochet hook and chained 30.  The main part of the hat (including the pom-pom) took three hours to knit.  It took an additional evening to complete the earflaps and braids.  If I had started earlier, I could have completed the entire hat in under 5 hours.

The pattern I used came from

How was I frugal?  I used leftover yarn from several other Jayne Cobb hats that I had made as Christmas presents.  It began when I knitted…

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