Orange Earflap Baby Hat

Learning to be Frugal

This is the Papallona Earflap Hat.  Click here for the pattern.

Orange Earflap Hat1

I used US 7 circulars and Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Weight 4 yarn in Coral.  I made the pattern in the infant size.  I’m not sure what age it would fit, but it’s definitely larger than a newborn size.

Orange Earflap Hat2

I found Row 6 of the pattern to be very tricky.  I can best describe it as being similar to a butterfly stitch.

Here are my personal Row 6 notes:  K7.  [Take R needle and pick up all three strands as if to knit.  Yarn over and pull through (go back down through the three strands) sot he 3 strands are caught by this new loop.  Knit the next stitch and pass the loop over the knit stitch (like casting off – decreasing).  K9.]  Repeat brackets.  K2 (last set instead of K9).

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