Knitted Deathly Hallows Graveyard Beret from Harry Potter

Learning to be Frugal

I recently knitted Hermione’s Deathly Hallow’s Graveyard Beret.

I used Vanna’s Choice yarn in Dusty Purple.

Click here for the pattern.  The instructions up to when you start decreasing are great.  Once you get to the decreasing, the instructions are not as clear.  Below, I listed what I ended up using for the decreasing section, based on what I read in the comments section of the website.  Please note that these are my personal corrections.  With the particular yarn I was using and the rewritten directions, the hat will be more of a slouch hat than a fitted one like you see in the movie.

My rewritten directions for top shaping (decreasing):

  1. (S1, K2tog, psso, K1, P2, K2, P2, K2) repeat until 2 st. left, then P2
  2. (K2, P2) around
  3. (S1, K2 tog, psso, K1, P2, K2, P2) – repeat until 2 st. left, then K2
  4. (P2, K2) around
  5. (S1…

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