Chunky Braided Winter Headband

Alaska Knit Nat

Last year I posted a pattern for a braided winter headband. After making one for myself, my mom and my little sister I soon realized it was the most popular knitted item I’ve ever created. The problem is, I’m really lazy and unless I’m determined, I really hate making these headbands. It’s simple, any beginner knitter could do it, but it takes too long and I lose interest.

I decided to try the pattern on larger needles with thicker yarn. Turns out I actually prefer the pattern this way. It goes by much more quickly and the texture stands out more strongly.

I’m still pretty lazy and can’t get myself to produce enough to sell, but I thought I might as well post my pattern so I don’t forget how I made it (hence the whole reason I started this blog in the first place).

If these instructions aren’t…

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