Salaat (Islamic Prayer) Lapbook

Iman's Home-School

It feels like forever since I last blogged, but I have finally found the time to share with you my son, Yusef’s Salaat lapbook.

Masha’Allah, at 7 years old, he knows how to pray now. We made this lapbook quite a few months ago as a sort of refresh to make sure he understands some of the important points that need to be understood for salaat to be valid and acceptable.

This is what the lapbook looks like when it is opened out:

Some of the mini-books and cards are courtesy of Umm Abdul Basir’s Salaat & Wudhu Section and some are courtesy of Talibiddeen Jr. Blog. May Allah reward both of the sisters immensly for taking the time to make and share these files and making life a bit easier for us busy home-school mums, ameen!

Some of the files I have created myself. I have uploaded all…

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