Mini Books for Lapbooks for Islamic Studies

Talibiddeen Jr. Companion Blog

Here are a few mini books that I made or compiled for Islamic Studies for lapbooks:

For use with  Prophet’s Prayer Described (or any study of Salat)

Facing the Kabah – a cube shaped mini book: ppd-minibooks-facing-the-kabah

Sutrah – a flapbook: ppd-minibooks-sutrah

Books of Allah – matching game: file-folder-games-islamic-books-of-allah

Here are some resources that were donated to TJ from the sister that runs :

These are worksheets. Just cut them out to make instant file folder/lapbook activities, insha Allah:

is_salaat_looks_like_time: Match the name of the prayer to the picture that looks like what it looks at that prayer time.

is_salaat_names_of_positions_match : Match the prayer position name to the pictured prayer position

is_salaat_salah_time_today: Write the time of the prayers today and show on the clocks on the sheet

is_salaat_the_proper_salah: Pictures of different sequences shown. Show the one that shows the correct sequence of the prayer.


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